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The management team at FKN have over 20 years Automotive sector experience. Working with and within Vehicle Manufacturers, Owner Operator Fleets, Automotive Software Companies, Contract Hire and Leasing, Fleet Management and Franchised Dealer companies.

We understand all aspects of the automotive supply chain and our logistics services are tailored to meet the specific demands of the sector.

We understand that we are considered an extension of the service your business provide and thrive on providing best in class customer service and satisfaction.


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We have embarked on a journey to change the approach to vehicle deliveries, from being a necessary but cumbersome link in the supply chain to a real added value proposition.

Our drivers take great pride in their work and understand the delivery of somebody’s new vehicle, regardless of whether it’s their first or tenth, is a very special and emotive experience and we want to reflect that in the service we provide.

Phil Franklin - Director FKN Logistics


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